About Us

As of the end of 2008, the Toyota Alphard model is heavily discussed in the Motor Trader forum. They have a section dedicated to discussion on Toyota MPV . Prior to end of 2008, most of the enthusiasts or owners of this car will gathered at that forum. Topics on Alphard is very active so there is lot to learn from some of the more experienced owners/enthusiasts.

However since that forum is on Toyota MPVs many other threads on other Toyota model will also be discussed so one has to constantly follow the Alphard thread to read the up-to-date discussions. Also, once a thread has gone beyond certain pages, a new thread will be created so it is not easy to keep track of the active topics. Fortunately the old threads are archived so whoever new to the topic can always refer to the archived thread.

You can still post your questions to that forum but most of the active Alphard members have already move on to another forum so your questions might not be answered. The other issue with the Motor Trader forum is that it doesn't support photo attachment. Toward the end of 2008, a bunch of very active members decided to create a dedicated forum for Alphard. Through the initiative of one of the member, a group of Alphard owners from KL as well as some owners from JB come up to KL during the 1st week of Jan'09 to have a mini TT (TT stands for Teh Tarik - the unofficial slang for group gathering, drinking tea [the the teh tarik part] while chit-chatting). After that mini-TT, the group decided to create a dedicated forum for Malaysia Alphard owners. That's how the Alphard Owners Club forum was born. You can click on the Forum link above to access to that forum.

The Alphard Owners Club is basically a group of enthusiatics owners of Toyota Alphard. This website is where the AOC members share their thoughts and wisdow on their ownership of their giants.